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Wellbeing training for lone workers

Clearvoice Wellbeing training for lone workers article Clearvoice Wellbeing training for lone workers article

Mental health awareness is so important, and more light is being shed on the impact modern life has on our wellbeing. We know that our interpreters face challenges when it comes to lone working and dealing with sensitive situations, so we joined forced with Windmill Training to provide some insight.

Nicole Capon, Managing Director of Windmill Training answers our questions about wellbeing and mental health

What are the challenges of lone working?

What are the signs that your mental health may be affected?

Is there anything that a freelancer should try and avoid as it might negatively affect their mental health?

What are your top three wellbeing tips for freelancers?

Have you got any additional tips for our interpreters at Clear Voice?

If someone’s mental health is affected, where should they seek help?

Thank you to Nicole and Windmill Training for the amazing insight, and to Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce for the use of their boardroom for this event!